Bullet Journal: Goals and word of the year… Really?

I have to start this post apologizing for being gone for so long and I know I still owe you at least a couple of reviews (and I have them close to ready). Going back to work after having been on maternity leave and getting ready for Christmas turned out a “little bit” more time consuming than what I thought. 😅 Since we are approaching the end of the year (you see? I started this text last year!! 😝)… I mean we just started the new year I wanted to talk a little bit about that.

Before I get into this posts topic I’d like to share what my january setup looks like in my Arc discbound bullet journal that I just started. I’m loving it so far and I’ll get more into that in a future post. Have I told you guys how much I love penguins??!! 🐧❤️️

I have always seen this “Word for the year” and weekly, monthly or yearly goals… things that I understand makes sense to people wanting to track progress or just to stay motivated, but I always thought “that’s not for me!”. I’m myself and I do my best all the time so I don’t feel the need to remind myself about what I want to do. I mean… get payed more and have a happy life sounds pretty universal to me. 😊

That’s until these past days where I’ve been feeling a little lost and my everyday has gotten a little bit overwhelming. The whole principle on which I base the utility of my bullet journal is breaking my day down to the small details so I can see/track progress even if I can’t see it in the great scheme of things so I actually think I have to apply this to the yearly overview as well. So yeah… welcome to the club to me too. 😂

I know this is very different for everyone, but for me it boils down to setting main goals and then, if possible, break it down to smaller tasks or goals and track progress along the way. And thinking about all this it hit me… I call my blog “My limit is me” and to me that means that despite the cards handed to me by life the only limit to what I do with what I have is me. I like to say it’s the same as saying “STOP making excuses, START making changes“. So I didn’t pick a word… I had a song land in (on?) my head like a hammer along with the quote “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”. The song was “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park, which I haven’t heard in years, but even if it doesn’t apply literally it’s a song that makes me think and feel like it is ON ME to make the changes.

This is how my intro-page turned out in my Bullet Journal ^_^

So yeah… this year is about making changes. Not to who I am, but to what I do in order to achieve my goals. This is how my introduction page for this year ended up looking like.

All that being said I really am looking forward to this year and I hope to have the time to keep writing nonsense that you people find interesting. Reviews will be coming up shortly, promise. 😋

I have, by the way, also picked up my hobby of pen palling which is a great way of feeling the “pen on paper” beauty and at the same time get to know other people from all over the world. If any of you are interested I may also write and post pictures of that in here from time to time. There are a lot of crafty people out there.  ✒️❤️️

pixlr (2).jpg
These are some Christmas cards I made… that was great fun!

I really hope you all had a fantastic Christmas holiday and a great New Years Eve. May this year be better than the last, but not better than the ones to come. 🎄🎁😉

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