Lemome & Filofax – Review

Lemome & Filofax review
*This post contains affiliate links. This basically means that I link some products to amazon.com and if you decide to buy something I receive a small commission. This does not cost you anything and I will never post a link to something I don’t use and love myself.  😍

New notebooks !!!!
(My new way of saying “HI” 😉)

That’s always awesome. I probably have enough things to open a shop soon. Or at least rent a storage room for everything. My desk can’t fit another notebook at least, that’s for sure. 😂

I’ve got 2 notebooks I want to talk about today and they are quite different from each other as you will see. At the end you will also find a link to every pen, marker and notebook I use for this. If you are interested these are links to my previous reviews:

So lets get to it!



Information you can find anywhere regarding this one tells you it has:

  • 183 numbered 100 gsm ivory pages
  • a pen holder
  • back pocket
  • elastic band
  • 4 perforated blank pages at the back
  • Measures: 21,4 x 14,5 cm

Other than that you find the following pre-designed pages inn it:


Personally I’m not a fan of these, not in this one and not in the previous notebooks like the Leuchtturm1917 or the Scribbles that Matter.

The notebook feels good in the hand and it also comes with a few “gifts” which is a nice touch in my opinion.


The really important thing here though, at least for me with all my notebooks, is how it holds up “against” INK.

Pentest time!! 😁

Lemome pentest 1
Lemome Front
Lemome pentest 2
Lemome Back

And truth be told… it did fairly good! No feathering, no bleeding to speak of and just a tiny bit of ghosting. It’s a little bit strange though… It’s a 100 gsm paper and it looks like it’s better “coated” than the Scribbles that matter notebook preventing feathering but still I feel (and note the word feel, that’s a personal thing, not a fact) like the paper quality isn’t as good.

It holds up a little bit better than the previous notebooks that I’ve reviewed, no doubt, but I can’t shake the feeling it’s cheap (which it is not…) It might be the binding that makes the pages feel “wobly”, like they won’t lay flat, but rather make wave-like forms. If that makes any sense… 😅

I don’t know… It’s a really good choice. The colors are a bit special, you have to like the colors to consider it I guess, but if you do… the paper holds up its end really well and you get all the extras a notebook for bulletjournaling should have. Thumbs up from me. 😊👍




This notebook on the other hand is something else. I started my first bullet journal in a Filofax binder and loved the idea of being able to move my pages around or even throw them away if I didn’t like them (anyone with a little “perfectionism” bug? 😂 ). But I couldn’t get over the annoyance of taking the paper out to write on it because the rings made it impossible to work with.
This notebook has a twin wire spine that is neatly “hidden” in the cover. You can see it through the back, but it looks sort of good. I like it! 😄
With the notebook comes 56 lined pages (which I think I’ll use for plain journaling), colored tab pages (one with a pocket) and a bookmark/ruler that you can move around. The reason why I bought it though is because now you can also get dotted pages for it in packs of 32.
  • Height: 214mm
  • Width: 163mm
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Paper: 100gsm
And again, now we get to the fun part!


Filofax pentest 1
Filofax front
Filofax pentest 2
Filofax back
And yet again I’m positively surprised. One thing I have to say that makes me really like this paper is that it’s white. I like the looks of ivory/cream pages, but over time I find it tiring. I like seeing the colors I would expect and this level of white does that for me.
There’s no feathering, not bleeding and a little bit more ghosting than the previous but still less than the Moleskine or Leuchtturm1917.
The only drawback for me with this is that it’s slimmer than I expected. It doesn’t hold a lot of paper so it kind of doesn’t fit my needs for a daily bullet journal.
BUT it most certainly work for everything else I normally want to put in a separate notebook, but don’t know how to organize. Now I can have ruled, grid, blank and dotted pages organized as I want and moving the pages around meaning I can fit collections, recipes, journaling, projects… all in one place fully customizable.  😋
As usual here are a list of the things I usually use. 😊
Pens and Markers:
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen (USA – UK)
  • Tombow Fudenosuke (USA UK)
  • Pilot Frixion (USA UK)
  • Pilot G-2 (USA UK)
  • Staedtler Pigment Liner (USAUK)
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliners (USA UK)
  • Lamy Al-Star (USA UK)
  • Jinhao 599 (USA UK)
  • LePen (USA UK)
  • Distress Marker (USA – UK)
  • Bic highlighter (USA UK)
  • Twin Brush pennor Panduro (Panduro)
  • Sakura Pigma brush (USA – UK)
  • Sakura Koi Coloring Brush (USA – UK)
  • Zebra mildliners (USA UK)
  • Uni-Ball Signo write&erase (Panduro)
  • Rbenxia Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens (USA UK)
  • Coloring Roller Pen 0.5mm Gel Pen (USA UK)
  • Crayola supertips (USA – UK)
  • Memento Dual Marker (USA – UK)

Notebooks I use:

  • Moleskine (USA – UK)
  • Leuchtturm1917 (USA – UK)
  • Nuuna (USA – UK)
  • Scribbles That Matter (USA – UK
  • Lemome (USA UK) *The UK link isn’t to the exact same as they don’t have it.
  • Filofax Notebook (USA UK)
    – Dotted notebook refill (UK)


Thank you so much for reading people! Please leave some feedback if there is anything you want done differently or anything you want me to elaborate on! ❤️️✒️

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