Brush markers review
*This post contains affiliate links. This basically means that I link some products to and if you decide to buy something I receive a small commission. This does not cost you anything and I will never post a link to something I don’t use and love myself.  😊

Hello everyone! 😊

As promised I intend to take a look at each of my brush markers today and give you my opinion on them. I mentioned this before but I need to make it very clear. I’m at a very “newbie” state when it comes to lettering so this is not an experts review... it’s my point of view on how these markers behave and I really hope you find it useful. 👍

At the end I will conclude with which ones I personally prefer and I will link the markers in case any of you would like to check them out.

02 Tombow

First out we have everyone’s favorite. The Tombow dual brush pens. They are great. Period. The brush feels very nice when writing, getting slim upstrokes is fairly easy and the brush itself does seldom (I haven’t seen it yet) fray.

Blending colors is easy and making watercolor effects also turns out well (with a little bit of practice.

But does that mean they are worth the huge investment of buying them over other brands? Or do you need them all? Short answer to both questions is NO, but of course it depends. If you have the money to spear, why not? 95 colors make coloring with them a great experience. You absolutely do not need to buy them all… you can gather a great collection without buying them all. And if you are on a budget there are other options.

That being said, and me being the stationery hoarder I am… I received my whole set on monday and couldn’t be happier. 😄

03 Koi

I came across the KOI markers a few weeks ago and I just love them. There are 48 colors and I just had to buy them all after testing a few. They are also water based, don’t bleed through my journal and works great for lettering. They are a bit softer than the Tombow and I find the colors a little bit more “watery” if that makes any sense. They are more or less the same price as the Tombows so it’s a matter of preference I guess.

04 Memento

The Memento markers I came across by chance and I just took one with me to test. They seem to be more focused on coloring and for stamps. I think there are twenty-something colors to choose. It works fine for lettering, no freying and easy on the strokes… but I found that this one can bleed through my journals which makes it a “no-go” for me.

05 Panduro

This one, Panduro Twin Brush Pen, is from my set of 20 colors (12 regular and 8 pastel) and I love the feel when writing with them. They have the hardest tips of the lot and they adapt great to lettering. Water based and can be mixed making for gorgeous effects. The only thing that is a drawback for these (for me at least) is the few colors. I like the pastels, but I feel I miss certain colors and always have to turn to my other brands to fill the gap.

06 Distress

The Distress Markers where supposed to be “Tombow-like” but I was really disappointed when I bought a few to test. The colors are great but I find that the tip bends and doesn’t return to it’s original state while I write and it freys slightly making it really hard to do brush lettering with them. I have to stop, pull up the tip and back down too often. They are, however nice for coloring.

If some of you have a different experience I might have been unlucky with mine, but I find that one or two is bad luck… all five of them bought individually is a pattern. 😝

07 Sakura

The Sakura Pigma Brush is not water based so it’s not for watercolor effects and not for blending. It  has 9 colors only, the brush is really soft and I find that it freys quite a lot making it hard to write consistently with. That being said, it returns to original state almost immediately after lifting it and the colors are strong, straight up gorgeous.

It’s not my first choice for lettering, but I do use them if I want strong colors or I need them to be water resistent.

08 ZIG

I borrowed this Kuretake ZIG brush marker from my sister in law (Thank you! 😊) and that resulted in me buying a set of 24 that I’m waiting for. Soooo… how are they? They actually feel like proper water color brushes. Meaning hard as hell to write with (at least for a noob as I am 😂 ) but the colors are really wet and looks great. So I want them for coloring and for watercolor effects. And I will practice writing with them, but not a first choice I would recommend.

09 Crayola

These Crayola markers are not brush markers, just making sure that was clear. They are regular water based markers, but with the big tip they can be used to simulate the effect of brush markers. I see others do it, so it is definitively possible… but personally I find it hard. I guess it requires, as with the others, some practice and truth is with proper ones I never use these for writing. But they are cheap and got a lot of really nice colors so if you are on a budget these really are a good option. 👍

So happy to have the whole set! 😋

Now… to my personal opinion. If I had to chose only one brand to use I would probably choose the KOI coloring brush pens. They are not as many as the Tombow set, but I find the colors a little bit stronger, the ink is a bit more wet and they are shorter (they are not dual tip).  I love them. 😍


That being said, I use them all. And the difference is not THAT BIG so personally I would say buy whatever you have at your disposal. If you can’t afford the ones you want or you can’t physically get them where you live don’t think it’s the end of the world. As I said, the difference is not huge and this stuff it quite pricey. 😅


Here is the list of the markers I use – and yes, I use them all for different purposes 😁 – with a link to where you might get them (I’ll make distinction between the US and UK store) in case you find any of them interesting.

  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen (USA – UK)
  • Distress Marker (USA UK)
  • Twin Brush pennor Panduro (Panduro)
  • Sakura Pigma brush (USA UK)
  • Sakura Koi Coloring Brush (USA UK)
  • Crayola supertips (USA UK)
  • Memento Dual Marker (USA UK)

For the purpose of this review I’ve used one of my Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, but I use all of the following and they hold up great for brushlettering:

  • Moleskine (USAUK)
  • Leuchtturm1917 (USAUK)
  • Nuuna (USAUK)
  • Scribbles That Matter (USAUK)

Thanks a lot for reading
this and I hope you find it somewhat usefull. I don’t write too much about the details you can find everywhere (as I didn’t with the notebooks either) because I find that what I miss from reviews is “How does the product FEEL?!” Use it, tell me how it is! That’s what I need to know when I choose what to buy.

Please leave a comment if you want to know something I haven’t talked about or if you want me to test out something else in the future. Love to hear from you! ❤️️️

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