Scribbles That Matter – Review

Notebook review STM
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So I received this new notebook Scribbles That Matter since last time I wrote in here and although I’m not changing notebooks yet as I intend to finish my current bullet journal first I thought I would give you my opinion of it.

I’ve tried to find reviews of this notebook that say something else than what their advertising does and… not that easy! I’m going to put up some images of the main things that this notebook features, but I won’t talk to much about it since that’s pretty much already done a thousand times.Β πŸ˜‹

Very briefly the notebook comes with the following:

  • A first page for name & address as well as the date you start your journal
  • A Key page
  • 3 index pages
  • Apentest page at the end
  • The pages are numbered

Pretty similar to the Leuchtturm1917 actually but with its own twist on it.

What I find funny with these notebooks (not the Nuuna though) is that they are roughly the same size, the dotgrid is the same 0,5 mm but they have all different grid size. The Moleskine is 24×40, the Leuchtturm1917 is 26×38 and the Scribbles that Matter is 25×37. That means that when you have found a layout that fits perfectly into one of these and you consider migrating it as well as changing notebook this is something to bear in mind before using your pen. 😜

For short:
Leuchtturm = LT Β  Β  Moleskine = MS Β  Β  Scribbles that matter = STM

I did a comparison of the LT, MS and Nuuna a few weeks back (Notebook Review) and I will leave the pictures of the pentests below so you can see them.

So how did the STM hold up you say? Well… it did pretty good TOO. 😊

The ghosting is definitively less than in the MS og LT, pretty similar to the Nuuna I would say. There is no bleeding, but as with the other three the Crayola Supertips and the Zebra Mildliners are the biggest threats to do so if one color over the same spot twice. The paper is whiter than the MS and LT, but not quite as white as the Nuuna, witch is kind of nice.

If I had to find a drawback, and this is what I thought I would find in other reviews as well but I didn’t, I would say that I think this paper is not as well “coated” as the LT or the MS. It sucks up ink… not as bad as the Nuuna, but not far off. This means there is a little bit of feathering with broader and/or wetter pens/markers and that the lines aren’t as thin as they should be. This might also be a challenge for fountain pens if the ink is very wet…

All in all it’s a really nice notebook and I’m really happy with it. To be very clear, as I said in the previous post as well, I LOVE THEM ALL. 😍 They are just slightly different and will be used for different purposes.

I would also love to hear what you guys think about it, or any of the others. Suggestions as to what I should test next? Feel free to give me a shoutout in the comments, I’m having lots of fun with this.Β πŸ˜„βœ’οΈ

Finally I leave you the links to everything I’ve used in case you want to check it out. Everything on the list are things I use myself and, despite us all being different, I’m pretty sure there is a pen for each and all of us. You just have to try enough of them first.Β πŸ˜πŸ‘

And of course, here are the notebooks:

3 thoughts on “Scribbles That Matter – Review

  1. Nice! Thank you for your review. It’s nice to not to have to be married to the same notebook and know what the differences are. I like that you pointed out the number of days per grid. Is it an a5 notebook?


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