July setup (Harry Potter)

July Harry Potter theme
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Hello there! 😊

A little longer than I like since last post, but life happens and with a 5 months old at home some days (or weeks) ar busier than others. 😁 Now I think I’m on the road of getting on track and I thought I would share what I’ve done so far for July.

Before we get into the Bullet Journal itself I just wanted to comment very briefly what I’ve used to make these. The items will be linked to amazon in case you want to go have a look. My “go-to” pens for drawing and writing are, without a doubt, the Staedtler Pigment Liners. The don’t smear (if you give them a little time to dry) at all and they look great. The different sized also makes them perfect for small details as well as coloring. The Staedtler Triplus fineliners are awesome to give your spreads some color. They don’t bleed through the paper and they also work great for writing. I’ve developed great fondness for the Tombow Dual Brush markers as well, so much so that I just ordered the whole set because… you know… lots of color!Β πŸ˜„
The colored pencils I use are the Stabilo Aquacolor and I love them. They can be used as watercolor as well and are very easy to make look nice.

Now… to the point!

This month I’ve chosen to do a Harry Potter theme and it’s been really fun putting it together. The thought hit me while reading all the posts on Facebook about it being the 20th anniversary of the first book and at the same time I was reading it to the six-year old at home. Why not? It will be fun!Β πŸ‘

07 July.jpg


The first page is, of course, the “hello JULY” page (I just don’t write “hello” 😎 ) and you can see it at the top of this post. I really loved how it looked. I surprised myself drawing that owl too. I’m not that good at drawing, but that one I really liked. Next up was my monthly and I did a repeat of last months layout, but with this months theme. Pretty happy with that as well.

07 Monthly July


Funny about this spread is that I really messed it up. 😱
No one told me and I didn’t notice until several days later, but on the right side, in the banners it’s supposed to say “month”, not “week”… in both. I haven’t touched it. I thought it was funny. What I was thinking when I draw it I don’t know… but “sh*** happen”.Β πŸ˜‹

Then I didn’t know really what to do for the weekly spreads so I ended up making it house-themed starting of with Gryffindor. Nothing really complicated, simple and with a consistent color scheme.

07 Week 27

I also made mood tracker, habit tracker and brain dump spreads that you can see below. Lots of fun making these and really fighting the feeling of it being too pretty to use. 😝

07 mood tracker07 habit tracker07 brain dump

Lastly, not related to the theme itself, I decided to join a couple of challenges this month. The #rockyourhandwriting and #ohsocutedoodles so I had to make a spread for these as well (you can find info and examples of the challenges on Instagram and Fecebook).

07 rockyourhandwriting july07 ohsocutedoodles

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Thanks for your time and hope you like what you see.Β πŸ˜Šβœ’οΈ

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