Today is a new day! (Starting a journal)

Today is a new day (starting a journal)

I was going to write about something else today, but it will have to wait. You know, when inspiration hits you just have to go with it and I learned a long time ago that if you don’t, the “fire” of the moment fades. And the idea alone normally doesn’t quite make it because it lacks “spirit”.Β βœ’οΈ

So, that being said, I realized today that I made some sort of “breakthrough” in my journaling. I have been really puzzled regarding my setup lately and I’ve thought… do I need two pages for the weekly? do I need only one? With two pages I tried to skip the dailies thinking I could keep a separate notebook for plain journal entries (like a diary) and thats why these designs (you’ve seen them beforeπŸ˜‰ ) came about:

But I missed my dailies. So I went back to doing dailies and then my weeklies looked really empty as I only wrote down appointments and events and there isn’t that much going on in my life. 😁 So this week I went back to my original thought of one page weekly witch I absolutely love. 😍 The theme is as the rest of June, very “Kawaii” but the layout is the same I used in May and I think I’m sticking to it. 😊

Week 25 IG

Now, to the point I wanted to talk about… I didn’t toss the idea of a separate journal even though I went back to making my daily spreads because I don’t like the idea of the bullet journal becoming too personal. It is really personal already, but I don’t write down thoughts or wall of texts so it still ok for people to have a look through it without me panicking. 😁

Now, the problem was that when I intended to have that journal in the first place I could never find the time and I always felt like I couldn’t start because I didn’t have enough time to set it up properly. I wanted to recap things I really wanted to write down and I wanted to make sure the start was kind of “why I want this journal” and a few other things, not to talk about the fear we all have when we start a new notebook. 😱

That’s also the main reason I took the dailies back… I missed a whole week of notes and things that happened that never made it to paper and that bothers me. The daily “Todo” list and events make it easy for me to jot down what happens that day as well and that way I don’t have to pick up a separate book for it.

Anyway… Yesterday I finally put pen to paper for the journal and, as usual, I was interrupted shortly after and I only managed to write a little more than one A5 page, not at all what I intended. So today I went to “finish yesterday” when the thought hit me. If I feel like catching up is a must I will never make this journal happen. I will go with it like i do the Bullet journal. What gets done gets done and what doesn’t get done, well… it doesn’t. No pressure. Today is a new day! So i put today’s date inn and start over. I might recap what I wanted to write yesterday if I feel like it, but it will still be past and it is not something I must do.Β πŸ‘

This might be something you already knew, but I’m pretty happy about this so I thought I’d share anyway. 😊


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