“ToDo” List: A powerful tool!

Most bullet journals I’ve seen are a combination of tasks, events, journal entries, weather information, trackers and much more (to each what works for them) and mine is too. On a daily basis i scribble down meetings, appointments Β and/or events, my daily tasks and whatever I would like to accomplish on top of that. So, besides a random dentist appointment or dinner somewhere I’ve basically got a huge “todo” list.Β πŸ˜‹

Depending on what you do (student, employee, employer, unemployed, traveling for a period of time…) this list will be different of course, but the idea is the same. I’m currently at home with my little daughter (enjoying every second of itΒ πŸ˜‡) but even before that, at work, I would start the day by jotting everything I wanted to accomplish that day. And the next day I would do the same, but I would also add what were pending from the the before (migrating tasks). While at home the list would be shorter with only the important things since the time at hand was much less.

Week 24 FB
Even the weekly spreads have a tracker to make a visual point out of the daily tasks/chores.Β πŸ˜‰

Week23 blog

But now, now that I am at home every day, this list has changed. Just as when I was working I tend to do a lot of stuff (I’m the kind of person that throws one too many balls in the air 😝) but at the end of the day my overall impression is “where did the time go?” “why didn’t I do this/that?” and I would just feel terrible. My mind didn’t pay attention to the small stuff and I couldn’t remember everything there was to remember so my subconscious tells me I’m lazy and that’s a scary road to head down. So… back to what I was saying. When I started my maternity leave I started writing down silly things like “make breakfast”, “do the dishes”, “make dinner”, “take out the trash”, “do laundry”, “go shopping” and so on. These are trivial things that I would do anyway and aren’t important, but what is important is that at the end of the day I can look at my journal and feel accomplished because I didn’t waste my day. I got things done!

A random day in my bullet journal 😊

I see a lot of people asking around what to write on their daily pages because they feel their lives are “boring” or at a “pause” due to a break from school or work or that their everyday life is just uneventful. Well, the more reasons to write things down. You might not have big appointments or school projects or whatever to write about, but write every other thing you do. TV shows you watch, books you read, going out to take a coffee with a friend, going for a walk, making dinner, phone call from/to someone… whatever helps your brain to make sense out of that day. I’m telling you, it’s a healthy habit!Β πŸ˜„

HarryPotter spread
The fun part of the bullet journal, you can make a lot out of something as simple as tracking how far along in a book you are. 😁

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