New month = Lots of fun!

So, tomorrow is June 1st and we will be welcoming summer this month. 😊

I’ve been playing a little bit with the thought of having a theme in my journal this month and I tried thinking about flowers, above and below sea, the beach… but I didn’t like any of it so yesterday I thought about how I really like how my Instagram followers tracker looks


so… why not? Why not go with “kawaii” as a theme? It doesn’t fit June specifically, it fits everywehere! πŸ˜€Β And the best of all is that it’s a lot of fun.

I started with the “Hello June” kind of page (without the hello πŸ˜› ) witch I haven’t done before because it’s not a necessity and I never felt like it, but this month I wanted to. And, as I’ve said before, my journal MY RULES. 😊

3105 blog3

3105 blog4

It’s simple, but I love it. 😍

Then I got on with the monthly spread witch I’ve made very simple until now because I really don’t need more than simple. And when I don’t have the time or the inspiration I won’t be doing anything else other than simple, but this month I have time and I’m playing around with it. 😊

3105 blog1

I decided to have a box for tasks or events that doesn’t have a date yet and one for July, as well at July drawn in the lower right corner. Then, with the leftover space on the upper part of the right page I made a “social media” calendar. It basically is where I will mark when I’ve written something here in the blog, when I’ve posted a picture to Instagram or when I’ve made a comment in the Facebook groups I’m in.

And I’m not quite done yet. I still have some spreads to set up, but I wanted to share this today. I will be uploading the rest of the JuneΒ setup soon!Β πŸ‘

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