My Weekly Spreads so far…

So, as it is very typical in me I change my mind very often when it comes to my preferences and also my needs so the weekly spread has changed a lot over det short time I’ve been experimenting with “bulletjournaling”.

As many of you have as well, I struggled to see the need for monthly, weekly and daily because it seemed very redundant. It still does actually, but at the same time I’ve ended up using them all.

At the very beginning I didn’t make the monthly overview because I felt it didn’t meet my needs. It was either very small, very simple or very complicated to make. I felt that weeklies with an entry for the week to come and the future log covered it. As you can see in the photo I only used one page for the weekly as there wasn’t much to write. Some doctors appointments, dinner with family, birthdays… one or two lines per day.

Weekly progres

On the image to the left I tried a layout that would have worked fine, but it took too long to make and that bothered me a lot. I looked too simple for that amount of work. So I moved on to a handmade layout that worked much better and was done in no time. It wasn’t perfect, but did the job and at this point I was still in my filofax kind of system so still early…

Enter a caption

When I moved into my Moleskine journal in May I started doing my weekly as you can see above and I really liked this one. ย I used my dailies to write down every task, event and journal entries so this kind of weekly was more than enough.

Then the idea of bloggingย and starting an Instagram account happened and when I took pictures of what I’ve done I realised that mixing tasks/events with journal entries limited what I wrote about and I didn’t like it as much. The solution was to make a two-pages spread for the weekly so I could fit every task, event, appointment, etc and use my dailies for journal entries alone. That’s what I’ve done the past two weeks and I love the weekly spreads… really enjoy the layout and I have a lot of fun decorating them. You can see them below:

My only challenge right now is to keep doing the dailies as it feels like it is a separate task. I have yet to write anything about this past weeks and that’s not good. But it is a work in progress and I’m really enjoying the journey! ^_^

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